Monday, December 26, 2011

It's all about the music (video that is)!

Back in the early 80s (yes, that was in the last century) when MTV was still new and VH1 was its easy listening cousin, I had a dream of being the next great music video producer. Robert Palmer's girls danced across my TV screen and Peter Gabriel was king of music animation. And I recorded hours of videos on VHS tape to watch over and over so I could learn how to make the magic. In the 1990s I helped create the  Shockwave 3D authoring studio with NxView and in the first decade of the new century developed automated lip synching applications like MakeBeliever Stanta Clause. Now with the aid of Muvizu ( I have found a way to be the music video producer/director I always wanted to be.

My first video is of Dan-O's "The Art of Gardens." Most of his music is free royalty free at I really like the variety of music and songs he has on his site for download. I look forward to creating more shorts like this one in the near future.

If you like it, click here to go to YouTube and leave a comment and share with all your friends.

- Ken